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Define your shortcode(s) in three steps (see description below):

  1. Data Definition
  2. Chart Definition
  3. Shortcodes

Define here your data to be displayed by the chart. You can reference the data by url or enter it here. Press the refresh button to display the chart in the preview below.

  1. ISO-3166-1,Country,Population (mio),Median age (years),Birth rate (births/1000 population),Death rate (deaths/1000 population),Urban population (%),Migration Rate 156,China,1349.59,36.3,12.25,7.31,47,-0.33 356,India,1220.80,26.7,20.24,7.39,30,-0.05 840,USA,316.67,37.2,13.66,8.39,82,3.64 360,Indonesia,251.16,28.9,17.38,6.31,44,-1.19 76,Brazil,201.01,30.3,14.97,6.51,87,-0.17
  2. return data;

Define here your chart. Press the refresh button to display the chart in the preview below.

This are the generated WordPress shortcodes. Copy & paste them in your page or blog and the chart will be displayed.


If you copy & paste the generated shortcode(s) in your page or post, the chart will look like this:




The IPU-Chart Editor online version lets you easily define the WordPress shortcodes for your charts created with IPU-Chart in just three steps:

  1. Define the data for the chart. You can enter the data enter in the panel or reference it by an url.
  2. Define the chart’s attributes like it’s type (bar, pie, donut, line, scatter, world map, bubble), category, value(s), formats and colors.
  3. Preview the chart (press the refresh button) and copy the shortcodes generated by the editor to your blog or page.

Note: You can also copy & paste the data of the examples in the User Guide to get familiar with the IPU-Chart Editor.

If you haven’t installed it already, please download and install the IPU-Chart plugin from the WordPress directory. Otherwise you can’t display the charts on your site.

For questions and suggestions, please visit our Support Forum or Contact Us directly.

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Enjoy the editor!

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