Our Services

We support you in the design, implementation, integration and testing of machine learning applications. With our ready-made language components your project can be started today.

Our services include:

  • Requirements analysis and definition of machine learning applications.
  • Selection and preparation of training and test data.
  • Writing data transformers and data scrapers where necessary.
  • Implementation and training of machine learning models (based on Tensorflow and Keras).
  • Testing of machine learning models (does it really what it is supposed to?).
  • Definition and implementation of machine-to-machine interfaces (REST).
  • Definition and implementation of human user interfaces (Angular or Flask).

Our main competence is on the automatic processing of multi-lingual speech and text. We work with a network of specialists in speech processing, machine learning and computer programming.

Our specialties are: Text Classification, Text Similarity, Language Modeling, Speech Recognition, Caption Generation, Machine Translation, Document Summarization and Question Answering (ChatBots).

As we are based in Switzerland, we realize projects in German, French and English Language. The company is based in Zürich, Switzerland.

The Starting Point

The starting point of a machine learning project is in many cases unstructured data. It is not yet clear in many organizations today where improvements can be made with machine learning:

  • By automating repetitive work through smart automation, employees’ work is made easier.
  • Automation is often more effective than traditional methods and requires less human intervention.
  • Humans can concentrate on the interesting, value-adding tasks.
  • Support for public relations through automation increases often customer satisfaction.
  • Increased performance at the front-line and an increase in quality and cost reduction in internal processes.

Fields of application are for example organization’s document processing, press work, media relations, social media or a call centers. Smart automation through machine learning is a field that has yet to be explored.

The Future of Automation

In the future machine learning will not be seen as something threatening, but as something useful that makes people’s lives easier. It is an evolution of humanity. For young people, the use of smart automation in an organization is important. They expect that it makes their lives easier, that they have to work less, that they can focus on the essentials because the machines work for them. They are open to new things, but they do not know exactly what they expect from automation.

The Learning Path

Automation through machine learning offers opportunities as well as risks. In particular, regulatory aspects need to be assessed and clarified. However, machine learning is becoming increasingly stronger and will be normal for organizations more and more.

Some organizations are already working on their ‘Corporate Brain’. Organizations today are at the beginning of the path, develop business cases and make first clarifications in the implementation and first smaller or bigger tests. Pilot projects to find out what you can do with it. New services and new forms of human-machine interaction (such as personalization, reaching an organization 7x24h digitally) are being developed .

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