Our Portfolio

Our portfolio offers components for automated text analysis in English, German and French. With our Artificial Intelligent approach, large amounts of text can be analysed in a very short time. With an accuracy of 90% and more. With our ready-made language components your project can be started today. We also offer project support in the design, implementation and testing of text-centered applications. 

Language detection for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Romansh. The download includes the software and support via our ticket system. Description Determining the language in which a text was written is…

From $1,250.00

Sentiment Analysis of german texts. The machine learning model tries to predict whether the sentiment of a text is positive or negative. The software is implemented as a REST service.…

From $720.00

The model Image Classification With InceptionV3 shows you how to easily create and work with an image recognition model. The model predicts the content of an image. It does it by calculating…