IPU-Chart Multi Series Charts for WordPress Released

IPU-Chart Multi-Series Charts for WordPress extends the IPU-Chart basic plugin with multi-series charts. The first release of the extension adds animated multi-series bubble and bar charts. This kind of chart can display up to ten and more different series in one chart:

Click or tap the grey boxes to change series. Mouseover or tap the circles to see a tooltip with details. The IPU-Chart Multi-Series for WordPress plugin supports also animated multi series bar charts. The y-axis is automatically scaled as soon as series are changed. Again, click or tap on the grey boxes to change series. Mouse-over or tap the bars to see a tooltip with details.

And you can easily create this kind of animated multi series charts from your own data with the IPU-Chart Editor.

Try the Free IPU-Chart Singe Series Version

The free single-series version of IPU-Chart (downloadable at the WordPress plugin directory) supports the following chart types:

  • bar and horizontal bar
  • line
  • pie
  • donut
  • scatter
  • bubble
  • world map

You can find examples of each chart type in our product description. New chart types will be frequently added.

Download and Install IPU-Chart Multi Series

The IPU-Chart Multi Series Plugin has currently an introduction discount of 50%. Be avail of this opportunity and order your one-year license to the updates now (discount code: 50PERCENT). We will frequently add new chart types!

  1. Login or Register.
  2. Purchase your license key for IPU-Chart Multi Series for WordPress.
  3. Download and install the plugin.
  4. Enter the license key in the configuration panel of IPU-Chart
  5. Press ‘Save Changes’ to save your license key.
  6. Activate the license key (button will show up after you saved the key).
Enter your license key, save it and then activate it in the IPU-Chart settings.
Enter your license key, save it and then activate it in the IPU-Chart settings.

After you purchases you will receive a mail with the download link and the license key. You can download the software and find the license keys your purchased after under the menu item Account > Purchase History.

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