News about the Diagram Factory Beta

With the new beta releases, Diagram Factory has made substantial improvements in the responsive design of the diagrams on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

The plugin was tested in the latest versions of WordPress (4.8) and TinyMCE (4.6.4) and runs stable. The inconsistent behaviour when creating new diagrams has been solved. Also:

  • Responsive Style entry form to control the behaviour on different devices.
  • New templates for pie and donut diagrams (including nice label templates for them).
  • Improved Setup tab.

The Tutorials have been substantially expanded and improved:

Diagram Factory 101: In this tutorial, you will create your first diagram. You learn to choose a diagram setup, to enter data and choose colours.

Responsive Design: In this tutorial, you will learn how to design your diagrams so that they look good on desktops, tablets and smartphones. No matter how big the display is.

Mapping Data: In this tutorial you will learn how to map data to a diagram. You will expand the data from the 101 with a new column “speed” and show it in the diagram.

Colors Are Important: Colors are not only beautiful but also important for the good understanding of a data diagram. This tutorial will show you four ways to give a diagram useful and beautiful colors.

Working with Spreadsheets: Data is often available in spreadsheet editors such as Microsoft Excel, Numbers from Apple or Google Docs. In this short tutorial you will learn how to create a diagram with the Diagram Factory from spreadsheet data. With copy & paste it is quite easy.

Working with Remote Data: So far, you have always entered the tutorial data yourself. In this tutorial, you will learn how to load data over the network.

Display a Diagram on Your Webpage: Learn how to publish your completed diagram on a webpage. If you use the Diagram Factory WorldPress Plugin, you do not have to do anything. The plugin does everything for you in the background. If you use pure HTML or PHP pages then you should read on.

Creating Your Own Setups: Creating your own Diagram Factory setup is fast and will save you a lot of time later. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to do it.

Installing Diagram Factory: In this tutorial you will learn how to add the Diagram Factory to a html page in order to view and edit diagrams.

And new tutorials (for example about the scheduler) are in progress. And, as you’ve probably already seen, Diagram Factory has a new logo.

You can download the latest beta and find out more about the Diagram Factory on the product homepage.


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