Chartoon Editor 2.0 Released

Chartoon Editor is a WordPress/TinyMCE plugin to create and edit data charts. Version 2 of the editor has a layered template system, that lets you combine different templates in one data chart. This opens innumerable paths for the design of your data charts!

With our new plug-in Diagram Factory, creating a charts is even more convenient.

With Chartoon Packages the editor can be extended with new chart templates, data readers and color schemes. This basic package includes templates for bar charts and line charts, readers for csv/tsv and json formatted data as well as basic color schemes and interpolators. Additional packages include many more color schemes, data readers and chart types.

  • Includes templates for bar- and line-charts
  • Includes readers for csv/tsv and json formatted data
  • Includes basic color schemes
  • Fully responsive design. Works on large screens, tablets and smart phones.
  • Extensible with custom templates, data readers and color schemes.

Includes WordPress and TinyMCE plugins. Try it live.

Download Chartoon Editor 2.

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