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JSON Chart Example with Yahoo YQL

With the introduction of the JSON binding, IPU-Chart is able to display data from many data providers. There are services on the web for many different kind of data (like for example finance, geographical, demographical or weather data). And with a little effort you can build a service that delivers json from your own data. This JSON chart example demonstrates a data binding to open data accessible through the Yahoo Query Language (YQL).

The chart below is built from a live data feed from Yahoo. It displays the most recent key data of the world’s biggest companies (click on the gray squares to change between the keys). Continue reading

How to use the IPU-Chart Editor Online

Entering a shortcode in a WordPress blog or page can be tedious. The IPU-Chart Editor online service lets you easily define the WordPress shortcodes for your charts created with IPU-ChartĀ inĀ just three steps:

  1. Define the data for the chart. You can enter the data enter in the panel or reference it by an url.
  2. Define the chart’s attributes like it’s type (bar, pie, donut, line, scatter, world map, bubble), category, value(s), formats and colors.
  3. Preview the chart Continue reading

How To Add An Excel Chart to WordPress

Adding an Excel chart to a WordPress blog can be easy: just create your chart in Excel, make a screenshot of it and include it as a picture in your post. But there are several drawbacks with this approach.

I’ll show you in this blog how to add an Excel spreadsheet to WordPress and display it as a resolution independent, fast loading chart in your page or blog. Continue reading