“The first step is just putting together a Backlog and a team. Think about the vision you have for your product or service or whatever, and start breaking down the things you need to do to execute that vision. You don’t need a whole lot – just a week’s worth of Backlog.” (Jeff Sutherland)

Multilingual Analysis of Texts with Artificial Intelligence.

We do multilingual analysis of texts in English, German, French and Italian. With our Artificial Intelligence approach, large amounts of text can be analysed in a very short time. With an accuracy of 90% and more.

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New in Our Portfolio:

Sentiment Analysis is a REST service for the automatic analysis of user comments (product reviews, film and book reviews, social media posts etc.) in English, German, French and Italian. You can use a Language Detection REST service to determine the language of the texts prior to analysis.

Language Detection for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Romansh is a REST service for the automatic detection of the language of texts.

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We support you in the design, implementation and testing of machine learning applications in multi-lingual environments. Based on our ready-made components of our Portfolio your project can be started today. Read More

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Our Blog discusses the application-specific, technical and social boundary conditions of machine learning projects. Where necessary, we also focus on scientific aspects. Read More