Machine Learning in German, French and English

We offer products and services for language-based machine learning in German, French and English.

Our latest product Sentiment Analysis in German is a REST server for the fully automatic analysis of user comments (product reviews, film and book reviews, social media posts etc.) in German.


Our portfolio shows you how to realise real-world machine learning applications. The provided models serve as a starting point for your own projects. In our ticket system you can ask your questions about the machine learning models of our portfolio.


The blog discusses the application-specific, technical and social boundary conditions of machine learning projects. Where necessary, we also focus on scientific aspects.


We offer trainingconsulting and engineering in the domain of machine learning. The emphasis is on natural language processing (but not exclusively).

Our specialties are Text Classification, Language Modeling, Speech Recognition, Caption Generation, Machine Translation, Document Summarization and Question Answering. We work with the languages English, German and French.

Our main tools are Keras and Tensorflow. Our location is Zürich.


Reach us through @ipublia, facebook or our contact form.