We offer our customers consulting and services in the field of Machine Learning and are based in Zürich, Switzerland.

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Machine Learning has taken giant steps lately. Machines clearly beat humans in games like chess and go. They translate texts of ever better quality from one language to another. They recognize and describe contents of audio, picture or video documents. Even in art, a domain that until recently was reserved for humans, they are impressive.

But how far do we understand this progress? And how do we deal with the ever-improving machine learning based computer programs in our everyday life? These questions arise both from the perspective of the user and the provider of such ‘intelligent’ services. Learning machine learning will become a central task of the individual and of society in the future. Learn more about this in our blog.

Our work areas include:

  • Sentiment analysis of text and sound (social media or user forums),
  • Classification of text, image, sound and video,
  • Text summarization,
  • Speech to text transmission,
  • Image and video labelling and description.



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